Veggie stir fry and baked tilapia

Sunday night in my house is one of the most important days of the week. As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming week it is important that we have a healthy yet tasty meal to kickstart our week. This week I made veggie stir fry and baked tilapia and as usual my family loved it. The first time I made this dish I was on a Saturday afternoon and we were hungry but I wanted to make something healthy and I didn’t feel like going to the store to buy new ingredients so I decided to use whatever veggies I had in my fridge. This is now a favorite meal in my house so I thought I’d share it with you.

the veggies and ingredients you will need for the stir fry are in the picture above. You can add any veggies that you like or skip ok the veggies that you don’t like. Mushrooms would be a great addition to this dish.

Now let’s get started!

First you will need to preheat your skillet on a medium setting and add one tablespoon of olive oil while it preheats. Once the oil is hot add all of the veggies except for the tomatoes an asparagus. Sautée for 3 minutes and stir frequentl.

I prefer using a nonstick skillet instead of a cast iron skillet because non Stick skillets tend hold majority of the moisture while you’re cooking, and even if the moisture evaporates while the food is cooking it still won’t stick to the pan like it would if you were using a cast iron skillet.

Next you will need to add the asparagus, tomatoes, butter and seasonings.

Ii really like this seasoned butter because it adds so much flavor to the dish and when I use it I don’t have to use a lot of spices to get my food to taste good.

Once you add those ingredients you will now turn the heat down to a low/medium setting and cover and let cook for 12-16 mins

you will need to occasionally stir to ensure that everything is cooked evenly.

This next is optional but I decided at the last minute to add shrimp this time, and let me tell you I was soooo happy that I did. You can also add scallops or any other kind of shellfish would taste amazing in this dish.

If you are going to add shrimp you will need to add them to the pan and stir everything together. Bring the heat back up to a medium setting and cover and let it cook for 10 minutes. And of course stir frequently.

This is the finished product🥰

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

I know you will love it as much as my family does.

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